Best Paid Stresser Booters

A list of the top best paid stresser booters in the market. Find the best premium ip stressers / ip booters (ddos for hire services). Unbiased and frequently updated.

Layer 4 = Attack protocol for IP addresses.
Layer 7 = Attack protocol for websites.

1 - - the best stresser booter for ddos is the most reliable solution for all your DDOS needs. Strong Layer 7 and Layer 4. Good bypass methods. Running for a year. Good reputation. High Capacity & Uptime. Fast support

  • Powerful Layer 4 and Layer 7
  • Bypasses Any DDoS Protection
  • High Capacity for Attacks
  • Good Website / Power Uptime
  • Good DDoS Methods
  • Free stresser Layer 4+7
  • Fast Support
  • Prices Can Get Expensive has the reputation of being the best for its powerful methods, high capacity, strong power and helpful support. Its honest about their capabilities and has been running for a long time. Its expensive but no over priced, you re paying for a quality and reliable ddos service.

It sends the advertised 500k PPS per concurrent reaching up to 10 Gbps. It also meets the advertised 20,000 rqps per concurrent reaching up to 100,000 with some premium methods. We were able to bypass Cloudflare on all its modes, Sucuri, Stormwall and other protections. The only downside its the pricing and the lack of good bypass methods for game servers. It has a custom plan builder, automatic payments and upgrades and an advanced attack panel with customizable parameters, API access and more.

2 - - a new web stresser

Lite stresser is new in the ddos tool field but its already known for its modern and professional website, with a free trial and powerful DDoS methods, cheap prices and stable service.

  • Free stresser Layer 4+7
  • Good DDoS power and methods
  • Cheap and powerful
  • Fast support
  • Not the best bypass methods
  • Still very new a cheap stresser with free trial, strong ddos power, fast support and growing rapidly, definitely worth a try if you re looking for a reliable ddos tool as its very new the capacity is still high and so is the power.

Some of its best features are the amazing website, very fast modern and professional, the free trial they offer for Layer 4 and Layer 7, the cheap prices, the good and powerful Layer 4 methods, very powerful and stable Layer 7, it doesnt have the best bypasses but all the other features make this a great stresser that you should consider.

3 -

Layer7-security is certainly the best Layer 7 bypass stresser next to, it offers an excellent attack panel with many customizable options with great attack methods, the best cloudflare captcha bypass and spectacular reputation!

  • Excellent Layer 7 Bypasses
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Advanced Attack Panel
  • Running For 1+ Years
  • Not a Good Layer 4
  • Not The Best Support
  • Limited Attack Capacity
  • Low RQPS (bypass methods that produce a low number of rqps (500-1K) is the go to stresser for affordable Layer 7 bypasses, which are used to ddos attack websites protected by cdns and protections like cloudflare, it is trusted and respected in the community for its high uptime and being up to date with the protection bypasses.

Its bypass methods are great working on all the popular protections including Cloudflare captcha. Prices are affordable and has ticket and telegram support system. How ever it isnt known for having the best or the strongest Layer 4, altho they currently offer decent Layer 4 bypass methods. It also doesnt send a lot of RQPS per concurrent and so you might need a big package if your targets are strong, it is great for bypassing ratelimit and captcha!

4 -

Databooter is another Layer 4 stresser with a focus on user privacy, it runs over TOR and its one of the most privacy respecting and secure ip booters available. It has strong Layer 4 methods that can send up to 50 Gbps per concurrent, it is certainly an option to check out!

  • Very Strong Layer 4
  • Good Layer 7 Bypasses
  • Secure & Private
  • Many Cool Features
  • Limited Layer 7 Capacity
  • Slow Support

Like defcon it uses layer7-security API so it uses their methods, great bypasses but limited capacity. Their focus is on Layer 4, providing up to 50 Gbps per concurrent, making one of the most powerful Layer 4 stressers. It is also very secure and private, if you need strong Layer 4, this is the place your you.

5 -

Stressthem is the most famous ip booter in this list, because of its free plan, its stable Layer 4 and its long uptime it has gained hundreds of active users. It is one of the best ip booters with over 200 attacks running at all times!

  • Reliable Layer 4
  • Running for Years
  • Free IP Stresser
  • Keeps a lot of logs
  • Doesnt have Layer 7
  • All methods are old
  • Is kind of expensive

It is a very reliable stresser that has been running for years and offers a free subscription, but it also hasnt been updated in a long time, its methods are old and dont bypass much, how ever it remains the most used ip booter and it has a stable Layer 4 supply. If you need a sure solution for Layer 4, go to

What is a Stresser Booter? and why this list is important?

A stresser (aka booter) is a service that lets you send real DDoS attacks (a form of cyber attack that can take down websites, servers or apps offline) with the purpose of seeing if hackers can take down your website or server with a DDoS attack. How ever it is known that users use ip stressers to attack websites or servers that they do not own, taking them offline for revenge, blackmail, business competition or other reasons. This is why law enforcement often cracks down on these ddos services called ip stressers or ip booters

Despite law enforcement efforts, stressers have multiplied, for this reason today finding a stable and powerful stresser can be very hard, and as there are so many people launching ddos about websites every day it is important to know the best stresser booters available to protect your website from cripling ddos attacks.

How do you rank the stressers?

The rank of each stresser booter on this list is determined by a series of test we performed on each stresser and also by their over all reputation, from forums, chats and the ddos community in general. We carefully test every feature advertised by the stresser to verify its legitimacy and we look into the reputation of each website before its posted on the list.

Each ip stresser or ip booter is evaluated on several aspects, not only its ddos capabilities but the reputation, community trust, how long its been running, the support they offer, their pricing, the quality of the website, the security of the users and other important aspects we believe are important.

Our email is [email protected] if you have a complaint, request or question about our list of the top best ip stresser booters you can send us a message!